Exposure Management

Cybersecurity Offense in Action

Ready to get superior risk reduction based on business outcomes?
Exposure Management, fully operationalized, is the key. Erase attack
paths BEFORE they are infiltrated. Advantage: You.

Exposure Management is the future of cybersecurity for total risk reduction.

What is happening today that we can prevent tomorrow? Exposure Management starts with the adversaries’ perspective: Where can I infiltrate most easily and have the highest impact? Exposure Management gets ahead of attackers by quickly identifying only the attack paths that warrant attention and closing access before it becomes an entry point. It’s a business outcome-focused and metrics-driven approach to driving down total risk. We’re talking thousands of possible attack paths honed down to a few – it’s that good.

Truly Impact Overall Risk by adding intelligent offense to your defense.

Exposure Management is being heralded as a critical approach to cyber risk reduction. Most organizations today take a defensive approach, finding and addressing threats and vulnerabilities that have already entered the network. Adding Exposure Management on the front-end also has a positive effect on defensive efforts – less alerts, less time to address.


Put Exposure
management into action.

Reveald leverages cutting edge technology for risk hunting, but technology alone doesn’t solve the problem – experts do. We help security and IT come together to clearly establish key business results and outcomes desired, operationalize the technology and tools, and better guide internal remediation efforts – or do remediation for you.

You’ll see results fast.

The beauty of the solution is the overall impact is seen quickly. We’ve got a fast track in place that you’ll start seeing truly work in under 60 days. From required data ingestion to deep and elegant visualization of attack paths and detailed remediation… all structured to hit end outcomes.


- Understand objectives and outcomes first
- Measure by attack paths broken
- Reduce opportunity for attack
- Stack-rank prioritization of exposure paths
- Siphon and prioritize only vulnerabilities that lead to viable exploitation


- Reduce reliance on logs
- Avoid alert overload, false positives
- Lessen workload on limited staff


- Provide visibility and context for those tasked with remediation whether in house or shared
- Account for connected and rogue devices
- Identify configuration errors quickly
- Automatically correlate available data
- Dive deep on specific issues or stay high level for reporting

One step today means fewer gaps in your security tomorrow.

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and Secure SDLC

Without remediation – whether from risks found or threats and vulnerabilities identified – no progress is made toward total risk reduction. Unfortunately, most companies struggle to keep up, due to resources, the volume of suggested ‘fixes’, lack of skilled staff with required expertise, inability to find rogue devices, and the lack of context. Exposure Management alleviates many of these issues, but requires remediation. Reveald can help in many areas:

– Vulnerable Host and Application Patching
– Continuous Business Risk Hunting
– Security Posture Analysis
– Remediation Advisor


Exposure Management does not negate the need for defensive capabilities like endpoint protection, threat hunting, or any of the key security efforts that may already be in place. Reveald can cover the full spectrum, and layer on remediation in critical areas.


Combining Exposure Management with Managed Defense, provides a full lifecycle management service, with impactful results.

– Validation that your business environment is protected from cyber attacks

– Fewer security fire drills and elimination of alert fatigue

– Increased availability of internal IT and Cyber personnel

– Reduction in emergency maintenance and downtime of business systems

– Continuous validation of your security strategy

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