Managed Defense

Go Beyond Detection and Response: Resolve

The Reveald frontline team of cyber experts, leveraging the latest technologies, actively defends your organization from cyber threats. We’ve got you covered – from continuous, 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, and containment to threat and exposure resolution. Our Reveald Cyber Fusion Center is composed of highly experienced strategic and operational senior-level security professionals with expertise in top enterprise-grade security solutions for threat detection and response, and hands-on experience in resolving threats. 

Strengthen Your Defense

We don’t just stop at shuffling data like many other providers. Reveald manages the technology that makes it possible to find and resolve threats across your environment – to ensure your security posture is in peak shape and attacks are thwarted. All our service offerings are designed to support our customers, mitigate cyber risk, and deliver business-driven outcomes.  

Continuously monitor your endpoint devices

Endpoints are primary attack paths. Companies often are unaware of the cyber risks from rogue and connected devices, don’t have visibility into the required resolution, and resource and skill constraints may limit their ability to address security gaps. The new norm of a remote workforce and BYOD, staffing challenges, and ever-increasing threat vectors on edge devices have vastly increased threats to endpoints. Reveald Endpoint Defense protects your devices against ongoing threats and provides threat resolution services to prevent repeat attacks. 



Optimized solution with expandable capabilities is flexible, scalable, and fast to implement


Real-time visibility into all endpoint asset activity across your entire environment 


Enables resolution of threats  


Transparent and frictionless endpoint security enables continuous business operations 

Dedicated Expertise:

Access top experts in managed endpoint defense


Full capabilities to monitor and mitigate endpoint risk and resolve threats


Proactive expert endpoint management and continuous optimization reduces exposure


Operational efficiency of continuous endpoint management never impacts performance 

Next-Level SOC as a Service

As with all of our services, Reveald Cyber Defense 360° transcends traditional service provider offerings, giving you access to top security operations experts and powerful, sophisticated SOC technology that work together to defend your company against today’s threats – from data to resolution. Our enterprise-grade security technologies support our Base Level 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, and response with full asset and vulnerability visibility and context. Capabilities in our Enhanced Level make it possible for our team to trace contained threats back along their attack paths to close the door to repeated attacks. 


Anti-virus and vulnerability scans are essential endpoint security tools. But tenacious attackers can break through your defenses. Reveald not only helps you stop an active threat – we help you prevent repeat attacks. Reveald Threat Resolution traces threats backward from containment along the attack pathway to find and fix the gaps the threat used along the way – evolving your security posture in parallel with the threat landscape.   

Organizations need a trusted partner to offload management of cyber defenses to ensure continuous threat visibility, detection, and response. Reveald goes beyond containment to resolve threats – and turn incidents into improvements.

Build a Stronger Offense with Reveald Continuous Exposure Management

A good cybersecurity strategy involves both a strong defense – and an effective offense. Reveald helps you find and fix exposures in your environment before they can be exploited.