CASE STUDY: Large Public Sector Organization

CrowdStrike® Partnership Enhances Reveald’s Subscription Services

and extends the successful partnership by adding the Epiphany Intelligence Platform to the CrowdStrike Marketplace

A large public-sector organization hired Reveald to help execute its multi-agency migration from a legacy endpoint protection solution to CrowdStrike Falcon®. As a result of this effort, Reveald saw that the simplicity and open APIs provided by the Falcon platform would make it easier to scale operations and manage its expanding customer base.

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Endpoint Protection



Launched in 2011, CrowdStrike® is a multi-billion dollar cybersecurity company. It provides cloud workload and endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyberattack response services. It has also been involved in the investigations of several high-profile cyberattacks. As a leader in cybersecurity, CrowdStrike is widely recognized for delivering top-notch cybersecurity technologies and services, setting the standard for innovation and effectiveness.

Reveald launched in 2021 as a provider of managed security services for mid- to large-sized enterprises. Reveald’s initial focus was on providing end-to-end management of legacy endpoint security solutions, removing an expensive burden for large, complex organizations.

Since Reveald launched in 2021, it has transitioned from a tactical service provider to a strategic security partner. This brought opportunities for new, higher-value services and Reveald embarked on a mission to help its customers achieve mature security operations, moving from highly reactive processes to a more proactive and predictive state.

In 2022 Reveald incorporated CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale into its family of service offerings, allowing Reveald to expand beyond managed detection and response (MDR) into managed security operations center (SOC) services.

Reveald also saw the power of the Falcon data and APIs. By tapping into Falcon for endpoint detection and response (EDR) telemetry, asset metadata, and vulnerability data from Falcon Spotlight, Reveald was able to deliver an entirely new solution for continuous threat exposure management (CTEM).


While Reveald’s teams are experts at deployment, configuration, and management of endpoint protection and other solutions, they encountered challenges in scaling their team to deliver real-time investigation and response for their clients. As Reveald began to expand its offerings and customer base, they identified challenges they needed to overcome:

  • Lack of visibility. Legacy tools provided a very narrow view of the assets and activities within an organization, limiting their ability to find assets, and to identify and understand threats quickly.
  • Poor control. In order to improve security, Reveald needed the ability to deploy, manage, and configure security controls remotely, across the organization.
  • Scale. As Reveald’s customer base expanded, they quickly realized that the legacy tools they were using didn’t provide the necessary capabilities to automate and scale their operations in a cost-effective manner.


A large public-sector organization hired Reveald to help execute its multi-agency migration from a legacy endpoint protection solution to CrowdStrike Falcon. As a result of this effort, Reveald saw that the simplicity and open APIs provided by the Falcon platform would make it easier to scale operations and manage its expanding customer base. To make things even better, CrowdStrike provided an easy pathway for Reveald’s team of analysts to become experts in the Falcon platform.

Based on this positive experience, Reveald partnered with CrowdStrike Falcon Complete to develop and deliver joint managed services, where Reveald’s Fusion Center team provides white glove service and day-to-day management in close collaboration with Falcon Complete, which provides 24x7 threat hunting, investigation, and real-time response at scale.

Reveald incorporated two key CrowdStrike products into its suite of subscription service offerings: CrowdStrike Falcon Complete and CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale.

  • CrowdStrike Falcon Complete is a full suite of CrowdStrike’s managed endpoint threat and identity protection offerings with expert monitoring and remediation. It is the industry’s only surgical remediation capable of carrying out the entire response, including full cleanup and restoration without costly reimaging or downtime. Falcon Complete’s continuous platform management, agent maintenance, and rigorous control configuration and optimization leads to a deep understanding of a client’s environment. Falcon Complete is a key part of Reveald’s Endpoint Defense Management 360° (EDM360°, described below).
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Logscale elevates the CrowdStrike Falcon platform with a centralized log management strategy that focuses on deriving insights from log data and helping organizations easily access, ingest, store, and analyze the client’s critical and always-growing amount of information. Falcon Logscale is integral to Reveald’s Cyber Defense Management 360° (CDM360°, described below).

Reveald’s subscription service plans are built on the Reveald Epiphany Intelligence Platform and provide services from expert analysts in Reveald’s Cyber Fusion Center, in conjunction with CrowdStrike Falcon Complete and Crowdstrike Falcon LogScale:

  • Reveald Endpoint Defense Management 360° (EDM360°) provides managed services for CrowdStrike Falcon Complete, which provides managed detection and response (MDR). Reveald’s Fusion Center experts act as a liaison to the client and deliver proactive management, onboarding, planning, configuration, optimization, monitoring, triage, investigation, and hands-on response to cyber threats in close collaboration with the Falcon Complete team.
  • Reveald Cyber Defense Management 360° (CDM360°) provides managed security operations powered by CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale. Reveald’s Fusion Center analysts deliver triage, investigation, and response to cyber threats, as well as management, monitoring, and tuning.

Reveald Epiphany Intelligence Platform Available for Purchase on the CrowdStrike Marketplace

Due to the overwhelming success of the CrowdStrike/Reveald partnership, CrowdStrike added Reveald’s Epiphany Intelligence Platform to the CrowdStrike Marketplace. This highly-revered online cybersecurity marketplace offers customers a streamlined way to discover, try, and buy security offerings that reduce risk and eliminate complexity. Potential clients can easily discover, buy, and integrate Epiphany with the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform to help them identify and understand the risks that can cause a material impact.

The inclusion of Epiphany in this marketplace broadens Reveald’s reach and also provides CrowdStrike customers with a streamlined process to enhance their security posture directly through their existing CrowdStrike accounts.

Being a part of the CrowdStrike Marketplace is a tremendous opportunity for Reveald because of the exposure it provides and the ease in which potential customers can find, try, and then buy products such as the Epiphany Intelligent Platform.

CrowdStrike Marketplace Solidifies the Reveald/CrowdStrike partnership

“Our collaboration with CrowdStrike is more than just a partnership. It is a testament to our shared vision of making advanced, predictive cybersecurity accessible to all organizations. The Epiphany Intelligence Platform’s availability on the CrowdStrike Marketplace signifies a leap forward in our commitment to empowering businesses with the innovation tools they need to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape and stay ahead of threats.

We are dedicated to continuous innovation and providing our clients with the most effective solutions to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape.”

Brett Kelsey, COO Reveald


Partnering with CrowdStrike empowered Reveald to deliver a comprehensive set of white glove security solutions for its customers, at a scale that would have been unimaginable before CrowdStrike. Since 95% of Reveald customers are also CrowdStrike customers, this is an outstanding opportunity for both companies.

Clients benefit from this partnership as well. When CrowdStrike and Reveald work together, with CrowdStrike providing technology and Reveald providing service, customers get a better exposure management outcome.

Key benefits:

  • Visibility. Falcon and LogScale give Reveald’s team easy access to deep and comprehensive context around assets and behaviors across their clients’ networks, and to predict future attacks.
  • Control. Falcon empowers Reveald to take necessary actions to proactively ensure that security controls are in place and optimized.
  • Scalability. Falcon Complete allows Reveald to seamlessly scale operations, focusing on their key areas of strength while relying on CrowdStrike’s expert threat hunters and security analysts to understand and act against threats as they emerge.

Reveald specializes in larger, more complex , geo-located organizations. In partnership with CrowdStrike, Reveald is the only company that has the ability to deliver such a complete MDR solution. Other companies provide pieces of the MDR puzzle, but none of them provides the breadth and depth of coverage.


Reveald is watching closely as CrowdStrike delivers expanded extended detection and response (XDR) offerings and looks forward to having the chance to achieve deeper visibility and response actions across its portfolio.

The availability of Reveald's Epiphany Intelligence Platform on the CrowdStrike Marketplace opens up a new channel for organizations to access its advanced CTEM solutions. This integration allows CrowdStrike customers to maximize their investment in the Falcon platform by consolidating their security solutions purchases, thereby reducing risk and enhancing operational efficiency.

About Reveald’s Subscription Services

Managed Security Operations Center with Cyber Defense Management 360°

Reveald’s CDM360° subscription service allows organizations to force-multiply the success and outcomes from their CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale™ implementation with CDM360°. Organizations reduce risk and benefit from full program management and reporting with Reveald’s world class Fusion Center and Epiphany technology platform.

CDM360° provides managed security operations powered by CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale.

The experts in Reveald’s Cyber Fusion Center deliver triage, investigation, and response to cyber threats, as well as management, monitoring, and tuning. Built on the Epiphany intelligence platform, CDM360° gives organizations a fast path to mature endpoint protection, and a clear path to predictive defense.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) with Continuous Exposure Management CEM360°

Reveald’s CEM360° leverages the Epiphany Intelligence Platform coupled with expert analysts from the Reveald Fusion Center to provide 24/7 cybersecurity vulnerability prioritization based on advanced attack graph analysis. This leads to business risk reduction through data integration and automated security analysis, validation, reporting, and guided resolution.

Expert analysts from Reveald’s Fusion Center work in partnership with clients’ teams to prioritize issues that are most likely to cause cybersecurity events across identity, configuration, and defensive controls. They continuously manage and tune the Epiphany Intelligence Platform, ensuring integrations with cybersecurity tools work flawlessly to generate the most valuable remediation.

Epiphany finds hidden risks in an organization’s environment that traditional scan tools can’t. It also displays attack chains between isolated networks via domain relationships and exposed services.

Epiphany uses AI-powered algorithms to identify areas of material risk, then prioritizes them based on several factors such as exploitability and how important a target is to the critical function of an organization. In addition to prioritizing the risks to an organization, several remediation recommendations are provided along attack paths. IT teams can take targeted action with minimal time investment on where and how to fix the problems.

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