Use Case: Cyber Asset Management

Use Case: Manage your

Digital Assets

Comprehensive tracking and understanding of systems and devices, plus management of digital assets to ensure data integrity and value preservation.

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Cyber Asset Management (CAM) is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity that involves identifying, inventorying, tracking, and managing an organization's IT assets to safeguard them from cyberattacks. Effective CAM offers several advantages, including enhanced security posture, reduced attack surface, improved compliance, efficient incident response, and informed decision-making. Epiphany helps companies better manage their assets by solving the challenges described below.

Identify systems with specific characteristics

Quickly locate information about devices, IP addresses, users, and more.

Epiphany helps organizations quickly locate information about devices, IP addresses, users, and more. Detailed information on the software, hardware and vulnerabilities found on a device, along with whether it participates in attack paths to business-critical systems can be quickly discovered.

This information helps prioritize remediation steps based on an understanding of business risk.

Asset Management - Locate Devices

Asset Management - Locate Devices

Asset Management - Rogue Report

Asset Management - Rogue Report

Understand control coverage and achieve configuration assurance

Epiphany’s Rogue report shows disparate asset sources across various tools (e.g., directory services, vulnerability manager, endpoint management), identifying gaps where coverage is incomplete. Given the materiality of investments in cybersecurity tooling, understanding effective coverage leads to business risk reduction by prioritizing actions to ensure the most possible assets have the most possible compensating control coverage.

Epiphany ensures business leaders understand the effective control coverage of their investments in cybersecurity tooling.

Locate systems where agents need to be installed, fixed, or reconfigured

Epiphany’s query builder allows analysts to Identify devices and agents that were thought to be decommissioned but are still in use, and to discover devices that were compliant with configuration standards, but have now drifted away or become “stale.”

Having an accurate and timely understanding of configuration drift ensures the correct prioritization of action is applied, and additionally ensures the most potential risk reduction through investment in cybersecurity tooling.

Asset Management - Rogue Query Builder

Asset Management - Rogue Query Builder

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