CASE STUDY: Global Conglomerate

Cybersecurity Posture Measurement

For A Global Conglomerate

Using Malware validation to ensure cybersecurity posture

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Our customer ranks as the 6th largest privately held company in the United States, boasting annual sales exceeding $40 billion USD. With operations spanning 18 countries across North, Central, and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, the company operates on a global scale with significant exposure to cybersecurity threats.


Given the magnitude of their operations and the diverse geopolitical landscape they operate in, the customer faces an ever-evolving array of cyber threats. They recognize the critical need to validate the components of their cybersecurity posture rigorously. This includes ensuring the effectiveness of defense protocols, incident response plans, proof-of-concept implementations, and fine-tuning of cybersecurity technologies.


Our technology provides a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to address the customer's cybersecurity challenges. The initial use cases identified include:

  1. Validation of Defense Protocols and Solutions: Our platform enables the customer to assess the effectiveness of their defense mechanisms against sophisticated cyber threats.
  2. Creation of Contingency and/or Incident Response Plans: We assist the customer in developing robust contingency plans and incident response strategies to mitigate potential cybersecurity breaches effectively.
  3. Demonstration of Proof-of-Concept Implementations: With our technology, the customer can showcase the value propositions of their cybersecurity solutions to clients through professional services or managed services offerings.
  4. Fine-tuning Cybersecurity Technology Implementations: Our platform facilitates quality assurance and fine-tuning of cybersecurity technology implementations, ensuring optimal performance and resilience against cyber attacks.
  5. Proofs of Concept in New Technology Deployments: We support the customer in conducting proofs of concept for new technology deployments, enabling them to assess the viability and effectiveness of emerging cybersecurity solutions.
Use Cases
Cyber Resilience
Design a cyber strategy across IT, IoT, and OT environments to eliminate attacker potential, improve resilience, and avoid breaches.

Proactive strategies and reactive case data for swift incident management.

Comprehensive tracking and understanding of systems and devices. Management of digital assets to ensure data integrity and value preservation.

Provide executive level communications on risk posture and recommendations for improvement.

Provide understanding of progress on success criteria for senior management.

Cybersecurity Controls Validation
Systematic assessment and testing of security measures and protocols implemented within an organization to ensure their effectiveness in mitigating threats, identifying vulnerabilities, and maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information, thereby bolstering overall cybersecurity posture.

About the Epiphany Validation Engine

EVE leverages cutting-edge technology to offer dynamic and comprehensive testing scenarios that mimic actual cyber threats

By integrating EVE into your security strategy, you ensure that your organization is not just reacting to threats, but proactively preparing for them.



Our evaluation among other vendors highlighted our exceptional performance in crucial areas:

  • Measurement of Environmental Resilience: Our technology effectively measures how the customer's systems withstand sophisticated cyber attacks, providing invaluable insights into their overall cybersecurity resilience.
  • Assessment of Defensive Controls: We offer real-time assessment of the customer's defensive controls, ensuring the effectiveness of their security measures against evolving threats.
  • Flexible Attack Framework: Our platform provides customizable attack scenarios tailored to the unique threats facing the customer, allowing them to proactively address potential vulnerabilities.


The customer is thrilled with the results achieved through our technology and plans to continue collaborating with us to further enhance their cybersecurity posture. As their trusted partner, we are committed to evolving our product to meet their evolving needs and navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape effectively. Together, we are ensuring that the customer remains resilient against cyber threats and maintains their position as a global leader in their industry.

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